Sports Court Construction Portland

Sports court construction starts with concrete.

Basketball Court Construction
Sports court construction comes in a variety of packages. Homeowner choices vary by sport. Tennis courts are typically full-size, but basketball courts are often half-size. For parks, recreation areas, and businesses, it’s full size or bust. Whatever dimensions you want your court, we construct it down to the millimeter. When you need sports court construction in Portland from a concrete contractor, nobody does it better than Parker Concrete. Get the perfectly level, durable sports court you need. Concrete provides, and Parker delivers.

The sports court construction process

  • It starts with a phone-call. We’ll speak with you about what you’re looking for in a sports court—if it will be indoor or outdoor, and whether or not concrete is the right choice. Concrete is primarily used for basketball and tennis court construction but can accommodate other sports as well.
  • We’ll inspect the area and take measurements. Our court construction experts will view and survey your land. Depending on the grade and soil quality we’ll advise you as to whether or not an area is a good option to build on. If it isn’t, we’ll look at the rest of your property and propose alternative build sites.
  • You sign off on the plans, we get to work. Once a site is chosen and blueprints are drafted, we get to work. Our experts have poured and graded hundreds of flatwork areas for sports courts, parking lots, patios, and so much more. We work efficiently and accurately because we are so selective during the hiring process.

Reduce injury with a sports court built right.

We are sport court flooring experts. Our courts are perfectly level to reduce the risk of injury.

Tennis and Basketball Court Flooring

What makes concrete flatwork the right choice for your sports court?
Tennis Court Construction
Concrete is strong and long-lasting. Concrete is tough. You want a court that’s capable of taking a beating. Between use and weather, concrete is the smartest option. It requires the least amount of maintenance and won’t suffer from settling issues inherent with other materials.

Don’t worry about the landscape. Another popular material is asphalt. Before you choose this, ask yourself how many potholes are in your local roadways? Asphalt is not as tightly compacted as concrete and significantly softer. It wears easier and will not hold up well if something like a tree root grows beneath your court.

Concrete is almost maintenance free. How do you clean a concrete court? Just pull out the pressure washer. Even for half-courts or mini-courts concrete is the best option. Compacted stone requires regular maintenance, can expand and shift, and will require re-compaction and backfilling. Start with concrete and save yourself the trouble. We can even create decorative touches that set your court apart!

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Now is the time to get the sports court you’ve been waiting for. As sport court contractors we can build whatever you’re looking for. Concrete is the professional choice for home sports enthusiasts. Get out and play. Call or contact us today.