Retaining Wall Contractor Vancouver WA

Retaining Wall Contractors Dedicated to Concrete Work

Concrete retaining walls need to be installed by a professional concrete contractor in order to ensure their long-term stability and function.

Parker Concrete has decades of experience planning and building these types of structures and knows how to work with complex landscapes, existing barriers, and sloped areas.

How Do We Build Success Into Each of Our Projects?
Because retaining walls require drains and several layers of material to facilitate proper drainage and structural integrity, this type of work is not for the inexperienced. Our team partners with you to make the job easy. Through careful planning, measuring, and following strict processes, we have completed even the most complex projects with great success.

But success isn’t just measured by the end result. We go a step further by keeping our standards high from the initial phone call to the final inspections. Parker Concrete’s team works collaboratively to make sure mistakes are avoided, setbacks are prevented, and communication is crystal clear throughout.

How We Remain Dedicated to Perfection

Our process starts with careful planning to make sure no surprises set us back along the way. We work with our clients to make sure the right materials are ready to go at the right times and that prescribed budgets never get out of hand.

Here’s a brief rundown of our process: 

  • Consultation with the landowner to discuss their goals
  • Initial site visit to measure, inspect, and develop a plan that works with the unique characteristics of the landscape and existing structures
  • Scheduling and ironing out a budget
  • Clarifying final details with our client
  • Clearing and preparing the area

Retaining Wall Contractor Vancouver WA

Poured Concrete Retaining Systems

Retaining walls provide lateral support for sloping areas of earth that, due to rain and pressure, shift over time. In order to securely protect buildings and other manmade features, retaining walls must be built using precise construction methods.

Our team works closely to maintain a sharp focus on details so we never need to cut corners. We anticipate challenges and plan ahead to correct them.

By following these strict processes, we build walls that achieve both aesthetic continuity and structural soundness.

Concrete Retaining Walls for Commercial Properties

Parker Concrete works with many developers, contractors, and property owners in Vancouver, Washington.

Our services range from single-family home projects (driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalk repair) to large-scale commercial projects that require several thousand square feet of concrete flatwork.

So, there isn’t much we can’t handle.


We install concrete retaining walls for retail locations, commercial facilities, multiplexes, and new multi-home developments and are capable of constructing any style of concrete wall from decorative backyard styles to public roadway walls.

Vancouver, Washington home and business owners rely on Parker Concrete to create concrete features that are built specifically for the Northwest’s rainy, temperate climate. And, most importantly, they’re built to last.

Call our team for professionally managed projects and results that you can rely on.