Retaining Wall Contractor Portland

Create a Unique Landscape with the Help of an Experienced Retaining Wall Contractor

No matter your style, our skilled concrete contractors in Portland can create a wall that retains your foundation or compliments your landscaping, providing a secure barrier between two distinct areas.

Many homes in Portland have retaining walls to keep foundations or sloping front yards separated from public sidewalks.

Homeowners like to have them built using dry stone or boulders so succulents and native plants can grow through the crevices, complimenting the lush and wild look of the natural Northwest environment.

Other residences feature a concrete retaining wall, allowing vines and other spindly plants to spill over the sides.

Protect against erosion and create a barrier between distinct areas

Retaining walls are not only smart solutions to building on steep slopes, they protect against landslides, erosion, yard damage, and mixing of features that need to remain separate. And the benefits of having a concrete retaining wall built by an experienced concrete contractor are undeniable.

A great deal of planning, heavy lifting, visualization, and quality assurance goes into the project and having an inexperienced construction company tackle it may lead to premature cracking and failure.

Our team can partner with you to create a retaining wall for your patio, foundation, yard, basement egress window, driveway, or home entryway so the experience is both stress-free and within budget.

Poured Concrete Retaining Wall Systems

The talented crew at Parker Concrete has thirty years of experience building all types of poured concrete walls. We know that even with loads of experience, the process can be tricky due to being built on uneven ground and requiring drains and multiple layers of material.

Retaining walls achieve lateral support for sloping sections of earth that would otherwise move and shift over time. By following precise construction methods and maintaining a sharp focus on technicalities, we create walls that withstand decades of use without fail.

Concrete retaining walls are both practical and affordable ways to support building foundations, decks, or to prevent natural slopes from crumbling into roads or walkways.

Learn About Our Process

Our process involves:

  1.  Meeting with the landowner to determine the purpose and function of the space
  2. Inspecting and measuring the area to determine design and placement
  3. Clearing the area of existing vegetation and hardscaping
  4. Laying out and digging footings
  5. Form building
  6. Adding rebar
  7. Pouring concrete
  8. Allowing concrete to cure
  9. Installing drain system
  10. Finishing touches and construction of any adjacent concrete hardscaping features

Commercial-Scale Retaining Walls

Parker Concrete is equipped with machinery capable of constructing any type of concrete wall, from decorative walls to roadway walls. For large or small scale projects, Portland home and land owners rely on us to construct concrete features built to withstand Portland’s heavy rain and cold temperatures.

Call our team of professionals for contracting services you don’t have to second guess.