Excavating Contractor Hillsboro

We are your excavating contractor in Hillsboro

Excavating Contractor Hillsboro

Proper excavation is key when executing a construction project. As the very first step, it’s crucial that land is thoroughly grubbed and cleared. Slopes need to have correct grading to ensure that earth excavation doesn’t inhibit property drainage, and all of this is best accomplished by a professional, experienced excavator in Hillsboro. When you want a concrete contractor that truly lays the groundwork for long-lasting construction, you want Parker Concrete.

The excavation experience you’re looking for.

We have more than 30 years as Hillsboro’s excavator of choice. That’s because we know what kind of care and detail is needed on a construction project. Your excavation company of choice should be made up of experts, led by a knowledgeable excavation foreman that can ensure every excavator performs work that follows your blueprints and dimensions to the centimeter. We’ve excavated sites for Hillsboro businesses and homes, helping this fantastic city to expand and grow.

Excavators for every job

As excavator contractors, there isn’t a single job we don’t perform. Whether you are building a small two family duplex or a multi-story industrial use building, we know every technique required in order to successfully excavate your site regardless of environmental factors. Every job we encounter is a unique one. A good excavator company is always prepared for every situation, and our adaptability allows us to easily conform our work to meet the needs of your changing job site. We’ve got experience, we hire for it, and our dedication to excellent craftsmanship is reflected in everything we do.

Residential Excavations

We’ve worked extensively on both apartment building and house foundation excavations. Our skilled excavator teams know how temperamental Hillsboro weather can be, and knows how to safely and effectively work through it. With the skills to account for the natural shrinkage and swelling of dirt during an earth excavation, our work provides you with the firmest earth possible for your foundation. Owning our own excavators allows us to maintain our incredibly high standards at a fair and non-prohibitive cost. We don’t just excavate for buildings—we can prepare your property for new concrete sidewalks as well.

Commercial Excavations

Our knowledgeable and experienced excavators are prepared to work on any job site. We value continual training and safety. We know there are often other companies on a site, and that’s why a Parker Concrete excavator isn’t just trained to watch out for themselves. Every one of our crewmen are trained and experienced with multi-crew safety practices. This allows us to safely work around others when digging, forming, and casting, performing practiced safety measures that keep every worker safe.

When you need an experienced excavator in Hillsboro that can manage the nuance and complexity of a large or small scale excavation, Parker Concrete does it right. Call (503) 992-0400 or contact Parker Concrete today.

Excavator Services Include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Dirt Removal
  • Pool
  • Ponds
  • Septic
  • Demolition
  • Pipe Trenching

Excavation Projects


Hillsboro is a great place. With a booming economy and close proximity to Portland it’s fun to visit or to call home. Nestled in the heart of the Silicon Forest, job opportunities are abundant, and that means a plethora of fantastic museums to visit when Hillsboro citizens have downtime.

For local rock hounds, the Rice Museum of Rocks & Minerals cannot be beat. With a massive collection of precious gems and meteorites it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of nature. Those looking for some man made wonders should be sure to see Hillsboro‘s Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum. With a number of excellent military craft and artifacts from aviation history, it’s a great place to learn more about these relics from the past.