Excavating Contractor Beaverton

Your Experienced Excavating Contractor in Beaverton

Excavating Contractor Beaverton

Proper excavation lays the blueprints for a construction project’s success. You need thorough land clearing and grubbing, correct grading of slopes, and earth excavation that doesn’t hinder proper drainage in any way. For an expert excavator in Beaverton, you need Parker Concrete. With more than 30 years as Beaverton’s concrete contractor of choice, we’ve performed the groundwork for long-lasting structures that exceed their builder’s expectations.

As your excavator, we understand the level of detail and care required by your construction project. You want an excavation company comprised of experts, with an experienced excavation foreman ensuring that every excavator performs work to your unique specifications. We’ve excavated sites for Beaverton homes and businesses, allowing for the expansion and growth of this wonderful city.

Comprehensive Excavators

As comprehensive excavator contractors, there’s no job we can’t perform. From multi-story industrial buildings to boutique houses, we know the techniques for successfully excavating any site in any environment to prepare it for a new foundation or other work. Every job site is unique, and a good excavating contractor is adaptable and prepared for anything. The only way to achieve this is through experience. We have it, we hire for it, and it shows in everything we do.

Residential Excavations

We’ve worked extensively with house and apartment building excavation including driveways. Our skilled excavator team also knows how to work in temperamental Beaverton weather. The skill to understand and account for swell and shrinkage of dirt during an earth excavation makes our work some of the most sought after in Beaverton. We have extremely high standards for our workmanship, and the benefits of owning our own excavators is reflected in the cost of our work without affecting the quality.

Commercial Excavations

Our excavators are experienced and knowledgeable, capable of working on any job site. We value safety and continual training. We know we may not be the only company on a site, and that’s why an excavator with Parker Concrete doesn’t just watch out for themselves. All of our crewmen are trained in multi-crew safety, allowing us to work around others while executing practiced safety protocols that keep a whole job site safe.

When you need a reliable excavator in Beaverton that can manage the complexities and nuances of small or large scale excavation, Parker Concrete does the job right. With our own equipment, excavators at the top of their industry, and exacting workmanship, call (503) 992 – 0400 or contact Parker Concrete today.

Excavator Services Include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Dirt Removal
  • Pool
  • Ponds
  • Septic
  • Demolition
  • Pipe Trenching

Excavation Projects



Beaverton. Home to industry giants that span technology we use every single day, it’s a veritable paradise for the technically inclined. With a wonderful school system, many young families see it as the perfect place to raise a family that’s just close enough to Portland. Though it doesn’t have the variety of its neighbor, there are some gems of activity that ensure Beaverton citizens have much to do in their off time.

Highlights include the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. In operation since 1988, it’s a fantastic place to buy locally sourced products and produce. After a healthy meal at home there’s no better place for some quality time than Beaverton’s own Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery. With games spanning all genres, it’s easy to lose an afternoon and win some well deserved family time.