Parker Concrete handles demolitions and excavations on time and within estimates.

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Demolition Contractor Portland

Your Demolition Contractor in Portland

Demolition Contractor Portland

Demolitions need to be done responsibly and they need to be done safely. At Parker Concrete we are your concrete contractor and demolition contractor that does both. We are able to complete demolition jobs of all sizes, from the very beginning to the cleaning up of the last debris. When our job is finished you will have a smooth surface ready for your building project.

As a premier demolition contractor, Parker Concrete is able to responsibly remove all material from your location. This includes handling hazardous material. Whenever possible, we process concrete and steel for recycling.

Demolition Contractor

In addition to our commitment responsibly processing demolished materials, our demolition contractors keep the neighbors and neighborhood in mind. We make every effort to minimalize noise and disruption on the street. All debris is kept safely within the bounds of the worksite. We post warnings to let the surrounding area know about the work being done. All work is done within local and OSHA regulation to protect both the demolition contractor and the people and buildings in the surrounding area.

Parker Concrete handles demolitions and excavations on time and within estimates. Each demolition contractor is well trained and has the experience behind them to complete every job to your satisfaction. Our state of the art technology increases the efficiency and thoroughness with which we complete each demolition.


Why choose Parker Concrete?

  • Parker Concrete is Portland’s go-to company for demolition jobs large and small. Whether you just need a foundation, driveway, or sports court removed, or whether you are dealing with a large commercial or industrial demolition, Parker Concrete has the demolition contractor for the job.
  • With three generations in the industry, we have become a trusted standard in demolition. Each demolition contractor, foreman, and equipment operator is certified and experienced. All work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. When you work with a Parker Concrete demolition contractor, you know you can trust the results.
  • As a local, family-owned business we care about the work we do. We are part of this Portland community. We show that we care about the community by putting excellence into every job we do.