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Get Durable Beauty with Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete Vancouver, WA

Decorative concrete is one of the smartest ways to beautify your property. With more than 3 decades of experience designing, pouring, and installing decorated concrete features, Parker Concrete is your first and best solution. There’s no project too large or too small. As a concrete contractor, we execute every job with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a homeowner interested in a patio or looking for a stunning outdoor sitting area for your business, we make it a reality.

Did you know we can do all this with concrete?

There are a number of different techniques for decorating concrete. We’re experts in every one of them. That means options are nearly unlimited for our clients.

Concrete typically lasts more than 50 years. We can create decorative flatwork that mirrors more expensive materials! Don’t worry. We won’t say a thing.
  • Colored Concrete: Concrete can be colored using both acid-based and water-based stains. Each covers a different tonal palette. Acid is perfect for bright and airy pastels. Water-based stains deliver earth-tone colors across the entire spectrum.
  • Stamped Concrete: Stamping is done on wet concrete. This imprinting textures the concrete and can be used for several purposes. We can texture concrete for grip or aesthetics. Stamps and coloring allow us to mimic limestone, marble, brick, and other stone types.
  • Etched Concrete: Etching is done using acid. We use patterns in order to eat away at a portion of the concrete and neutralize the acid when the right depth is reached. This creates a stunning contrast that’s perfect for walkways, patios, and relaxation areas.

Divide and conquer with gorgeous concrete walls.

decorative concrete vancouver wa
Property division is a thoughtful process. You want just the right wall height and an aesthetic that adds to the surroundings. Concrete walls may not be your first thought, but they should be. Because we can use any of our decorative methods on concrete walls, you can achieve any look you want. That makes them perfect for home and business applications. Block line of sight, section off planted areas, create a stepped garden, make a stone staircase as grand as it feels. With two construction options, we can fit any budgetary needs you have.

Precast Concrete Walls. We have a wide range of precast wall panels, bricks, and pavers to choose from. Combining these together allows for a customizable concrete barrier without the cost associated with on-site pouring. We take the same care with each, but precast options are more limited.

Poured Concrete Walls. With poured concrete, the sky is the limit. Your walls will be constructed, cast, and poured on-site. This allows for unlimited variation when applying decorative techniques and shaping walls to the landscape. Poured walls can actually form around curves creating a seamless visual appearance.


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There’s no reason to wait any longer. Concrete is the affordable long-lasting material you’ve been looking for. We’ll work with you on design and provide a flawless and timely installation. Choose concrete with Parker Concrete. Call or contact us today.