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Beautify your Surroundings with Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete PortlandWhen it comes to decorative concrete, Portland business and homeowners call Parker Concrete. As a concrete contractor, we’ve been locally planning, designing, and pouring decorative concrete for more than 30 years. No matter what look you want to achieve, or how large of an area you would like decorated, we can do it. That’s because our concrete work is a step above.

Impress friends or clients with professional decorative concrete!

Decorative concrete is one of the smartest ways to beautify your property. It increases the appeal and value of homes and businesses. This is because concrete is incredibly durable, and typically lasts for over half a century. Our experts can help you identify the right decorative solution for your property. Decorative concrete Portland services include:

  • Colored Concrete – There are several methods for coloring concrete. Depending on the whether the method utilizes acids or water-based stains, varying colors can be achieved. These cover an extensive range. Acid creates a broader pastel palette of colors while water-based stains are great for creating rich earth tones. This is a great way to differentiate your sports court from the rest of the pack.
  • Stamped Concrete – This method utilizes stamps to create textures and patterns. We can even add color in order to mimic more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in the appearance of brick, marble, and other materials at an affordable price, stamped concrete is the perfect solution.
  • Etched Concrete – Etching mixes colored concrete with carefully applied acid etched designs to create stunning concrete work. This is a great way to truly set your property apart and create a complete outdoor setting. Whether you want border designs or patterns throughout, we can do it.

Section off your property with gorgeous concrete walls.

decorative concrete PortlandDecorative concrete isn’t just for flatwork. It can be used to make beautiful cosmetic walls as well. Our concrete architects can design and install functional concrete walls customized to suit your needs. These can double as retaining walls, or serve to block off areas from view, act as directional barriers for traffic flow, or section-off a garden, planter, and arbor areas around a home or commercial business. What kind of concrete walls can we provide?

  • Precast concrete walls The can be made in a variety of ways. We can bring in preformed concrete panels, use concrete blocks and pavers, or a mix of the two for a unique look. Choices will be limited as prefab concrete is not as customizable as a poured concrete wall.
  • Poured concrete walls These are completely customizable. The design of the wall is entirely up to you and we can integrate curves, slopes, imprinting, etching, and more. Poured concrete walls provide you with the opportunity to create something unique over precast options.

What makes Parker Concrete the go-to source for decorative concrete Portland trusts?

We own all of our own equipment – That means you don’t have to shoulder the cost of rentals. We follow strict machinery maintenance schedules so you never have to worry about a mid-job breakdown. From excavation to pouring, molding, stamping, and more, we come prepared.

We don’t outsource – High-quality decorative concrete Portland property owners want comes from high-quality professionals. We use vetted, certified, and experienced employees on every job; that allows us to perform all aspects of the job, even demolition. Quality control begins with the hiring process, and expertly trained foremen and operations specialists maintain our high standards on every job site.

We provide stellar work on multi-crew jobs sites – As concrete experts, we know how to work for the greater good of our client. Our employees are trained in multi-crew safety measures and know how to work effectively and safely on large and busy job sites. Our craftsmanship never waivers, and our vigilance helps keep your whole job site safer.

Your Decorative Concrete Professionals

From start to finish you won’t find a more dedicated, professional, and experienced company for your decorative concrete needs. For durability and beauty, decorative concrete Portland has relied on for over 30 years comes from Parker Concrete. Call (503) 992-0400 or Contact Us today.