Decorative Concrete Hillsboro

Decorative Concrete Deliver Lasting Beauty

When it comes to decorative concrete, Hillsboro homeowners and businesses call Parker Concrete. We’ve been the concrete contractor that locals trust for over 30 years. From design to planning and pouring, we do it all. Whatever look you want to match or achieve—no matter how big—we can do it. Our concrete work is professional grade and built to last.

Impress clients and friends with durable decorative concrete!

Decorative concrete is the smart way to make your property look incredible. It’s an easy way to increase the foundational value and curb appeal of your home or business. This is because concrete is incredibly strong, and on average lasts for over 50 years. With an array of options, our experts can help you narrow it down. Decorative concrete work can be made to match any aesthetic. Decorative concrete Hillsboro services include:

  • Colored Concrete – There are multiple methods for coloring concrete. Water and acid-based stains each yield unique results. Acid can be used to create vibrant pastel colors. Water-based stains are great for achieving rich earthy tones across the color spectrum.
  • Stamped Concrete – These methods involve stamping the concrete to impress patterns and textures. This can pair with coloring to mimic expensive materials. Options include the appearance of marble, brick, granite, limestone, and more. Stamped concrete is versatile and affordable.
  • Etched Concrete – Careful etching of concrete and applications of acid etched design can make your patio, driveway, or walkway gorgeous and unique. This can tie a whole area together and customize your property. Whether you want complete patterns or beautiful borders, we do it all.

Divide your property with stunning concrete walls.

decorative concrete hillsboroDecorative elements aren’t relegated to flatwork. We can implement the same methods during concrete wall construction. These cosmetic walls are perfect for a wide range of applications, and can even double as retaining walls. We commonly install them to block certain specific areas, as directional barriers, or to section off arbor, planter, and garden areas around a business or home. What kind of concrete walls do we build?

  • Precast Concrete Walls. This is a great option for the homeowner on a budget. Precast concrete provides great structural stability and choices include concrete blocks, bricks, or panels. We can even mix types of barriers to create a unique wall. If you want a completely customized wall you’ll want to choose poured concrete.
  • Poured Concrete Walls. These walls can be totally customized. We can create walls that move with slopes and curves. Decorative touches include etching, imprinting, stamping, coloring, and more. Poured walls are the perfect way to add a wholly unique feature to your home or business.

What makes Parker Concrete the go-to source for decorative concrete Hillsboro trusts?

We own all of the equipment any project requires – You shouldn’t be responsible for supplying your decorative concrete contractors with rental tools. We have our own high-end equipment and carefully maintain it. From excavation to stamping, molding, pouring, and more, we come prepared.

We don’t outsource – Quality decorative concrete Hillsboro property owners want comes from qualified professionals. We use certified, vetted, and experienced employees on every job. The hiring process is the first step in quality control. Our expertly trained operation specialists and foremen exercise our high standards at every job.

We provide incredible work on multi-crew job sites – As concrete experts, we know that we aren’t always the only team at work. Our clients often have multiple crews working on a single site. We train every employee in multi-crew safety measures. Knowing how to work safely and efficiently on busy job sites helps keep the whole site safe.


Your Decorative Concrete Professionals

From beginning to end you won’t find an experienced and professional local company as dedicated as we are. For durability and aesthetic, decorative concrete Hillsboro has depended on for more than 30 years comes from Parker Concrete. Call now (503) 992-0400 or contact us today.