Decorative Concrete Clackamas

Have you considered the strong stylings of decorative concrete?

decorative concrete clackamas

You want a gorgeous looking property, but you want to get the most for your money. Expensive stonework has a price tag to match and is often brittle unless bought in large pieces. What’s a home or business owner to do? At Parker Concrete we provide stunning decorative concrete work that’s strong, customizable, attractive, and affordable. Everything you’ve been looking for really can be in one product. As a concrete contractor, we can customize your new concrete. Find out more below.

Unlock the possibilities with decorated concrete in Clackamas.

Wet concrete is malleable. It’s poured into molds that are either custom built or pre-made. Once its had time to set and cure it’s one of the strongest materials available.

Concrete is durable and often lasts more than 50 years. We can create flatwork and walls that mirror costly materials like marble, granite, and limestone.

Don’t sweat it. We won’t tell anyone you used concrete. After all, why pay for an expensive piece of stone that will wear away and tarnish outside. Buying costly slabs of precious stone is an immediate loss. Less expensive veneers are brittle and break. Avoid the heart-ache. Choose durable concrete instead. What can we do with it you ask?

  • Colored Concrete: There are two ways to color concrete. Acid-based color deliver bright hues and pastel colors that are reminiscent of easter egg dye. Water-based stains create darker earth-tone complexions that blend in with the landscape. Pairing coloring with stamping allows us to mimic other materials.
  • Stamped Concrete: Stamping concrete can be used for decoration or utilitarian purposes. Some stamps even work for both. Texture provides additional grip, and with our concrete, you aren’t limited to ridges. We can theme stamping to match your aesthetic, or even use your company logo!
  • Etched Concrete: Concrete can be etched with acid. This is done by using patterns to contain the mixture. Once we reach the right depth the acid is neutralized. This allows us to create complex and highly detailed drawings in the concrete. Paired with coloring we can achieve some incredible effects.

Decorative Concrete Clackamas

Accent your home or business with concrete walls.

Walling off portions of a property makes sense. You can divide sitting areas from patios, create stepped areas, and add to the look and feel of a location. Businesses use them to great effect when partitioning off recreational areas from main buildings. Using stone can be incredibly expensive. That’s why so many home and business owners utilize concrete instead. It provides the same end result, looks gorgeous, and can be made to fit any budget with multiple constructions styles.

Precast Concrete Walls. We have a large selection of precast bricks, wall panels, and pavers. These can be combined to great effect for a concrete wall without the need for on-site molding and pouring. These are limited in scope compared to poured concrete walls, however.

Poured Concrete Walls. Poured concrete walls are cast on-site. These can conform to your landscape in ways that pre-made options cannot. Applying decorative touches like stamping and coloring further customize your look. This is ideal for curved sites and intricate designs.


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Don’t wait. You can afford the gorgeous decorative touches your property needs. Patios, driveways, garden areas, porches and more can all be made using affordable concrete. It all starts with Parker Concrete and a single phone call—so call or contact us today!