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Curb and Gutter Contractor

Curbs are anything but ordinary. They add to a building. The right curb is the beginning of the visitor experience. A good curb suits the building it surrounds. They may be decorated, patterned, colored, or plain. Depending on the curb style they can be used for landscaping, division, protection, and additional applications. When a curb and gutter contractor is called for in Portland, Parker Concrete is the name home and business owners trust for quality and precision curbs.

We’re your local curb contractor.

Local matters when you’re choosing a curb contractor. Depending on the type of building, intended use, and zoning, laws regarding curbs can be radically different. ADA accessible curbs must meet strict guidelines, and the last thing you want to do is have a curb poured or laid only to face a fine and tear-up.

We’ve been in operation for over 30 years. That’s more than 3 decades of experience working with city, county, and federal codes and regulations. We operate in accordance with these so that our curbs meet regulated requirements and your needs as a customer.

Concrete Curbing for Homes and Businesses

Concrete curbing can be used for a variety of different purposes. Just some of the ways you can improve your property with a concrete curb include:


  • Control the flow of run-off water. Run-off can damage parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, and gardens. Carefully placed curbs effectively channel water away from these areas. This also helps prevent erosion and foundational damage. That makes curbs a small investment that can protect a much a larger one.
  • Divide an area and route traffic. Whether it’s next to a busy street or a placid garden, curbs are a great way to route traffic. They can easily be used to divide an area and help you funnel foot and road traffic to specific areas. Curbs also provide simple protection for signs, islands, and other areas from auto and bicycle traffic.
  • Restore protection with curb repairs. Damaged curbs can violate fire and safety regulatory codes. These can lead to major fines that far exceed the cost of repairs. We provide fast, efficient, and affordable curb repairs and replacements that put you safely back within regulations. Because we own our own equipment you won’t be charged for rentals. You can also be sure our technicians are experienced with safe and effective equipment operation.

Portland road channelization the right way.

Road channelization is rarely cut and dried. It requires an in-depth understanding of state highway, city, and county road regulations. We install lane markings, raised markings, curb islands, and traffic curbing. These can be painted to meet city needs as well. When concrete removal and concrete curb cutting is required we do it quickly and precisely. This reduces the amount of new concrete that must be poured and the job-time as well.

Make us your curb contractors today.

Get local service from the area’s most experienced concrete curb contractors. We know safety regulations at every level, and we’ll provide you with concrete curbs that don’t need to be laid twice. Call or contact us today.