Concrete Sidewalks Hillsboro

The strongest sidewalk starts with concrete.

A concrete sidewalk isn’t as simple as it looks. A concrete contractor has to ensure the excavation and construction process is exact. Water flow has to be dealt with and sewer and electrical lines often have to be built around it. You want a level sidewalk that’s made to last. That’s what you get with Parker Concrete. We’ve been constructing concrete sidewalks in Hillsboro for more than 30 years. That provides some major benefits you may not have considered.

What makes Parker your top choice?

  • Curbs and Gutters – We don’t just construct sidewalks, we build curbs and gutters as well. These can be extruded or cast-in-place. We provide complete surveying and design work. That helps us deliver clean, level flat surfaces and edges.
  • Local Experience – Over three decades in the Northwest. That’s how long we’ve been laying sidewalks. We know how volatile the weather can be and we’re ready for it. We quickly react to keep a site safe and secure when inclement weather hits.
  • Rules and Regulations – Between city, state, and federal codes, you need a contractor with a legacy of solid work. That’s Parker. We always stay up-to-date on changes that affect our work and implement them immediately. We can easily integrate ADA accessibility options as well.

What kind of sidewalk do you want?

With our decorative concrete, you can have a sidewalk unlike any other. We can easily transform your sidewalk with staining, stamping, and etching. These can provide unique artistic touches for your sidewalk while improving grip in the places you need it most. That makes your sidewalk personalized and a memorable touchstone in the community.

Your complete curb and gutter contractors in Hillsboro!

  • Extruded or cast-in-place curbing depending on your needs.
  • Parking lot and street surveyal. All designs are custom made.
  • Removal and demolition of existing and outdated concrete work
  • Carefully constructed forms that are measured to fit.
  • Seamless flatwork and completely level edging. We make flatwork flat.
  • Our concrete work will meet every code it is required to.

What can you expect from our sidewalks?

Perfectly control run-off water flow. Our sidewalks are built to channel runoff back into the watershed. If the runoff isn’t controlled properly it can quickly damage the landscape through erosion. This can even negatively impact your building foundation. We consider and design our channels for easy cleaning, maintenance, and flow into safe areas and away from structures.

We provide repairs and maintenance too! Concrete is one of the toughest materials in existence, but damage can occur. We are your complete resource for concrete repairs and maintenance in Hillsboro, whether or not we installed it. If you’ve got concrete problems like cracks, shifts, and uneven surfaces, we repair them. After that, regular maintenance catches problems in their infancy.

Call us today. Your new concrete sidewalks are waiting.

Don’t wait any longer. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get started. Our services are affordable, quick, and above all, accurate. We work to the highest standards and only hire employees with the experience to meet them. You don’t just want new concrete work, you want a legacy of concrete work that’s built to last. That’s Parker Concrete. Call or contact us today.