Concrete Sidewalks Forest Grove

Are your concrete sidewalks on the level?

Sidewalks are so much more than the concrete they are made of. The concrete contractor you choose makes all the difference. Sidewalks must be level and meet specific ADA criteria in addition to city, state, and federal regulations. You want a local expert. You want a concrete company with experienced technicians in every role. With more than 30 years providing sidewalks for Forest Grove homes, businesses, and municipal projects, the best sidewalk comes from Parker Concrete.

Why choose Parker concrete?

  • Curbs and Gutters – Sidewalks aren’t all we do. Get everything you need from one company. We have several options for gutters and curbs including extruded and cast-in-place methods. We’ll survey your site as well to ensure drainage and gradient levels can be met. You’ll also get complete design work from our in-house team.
  • Local Experience – We aren’t new to the area. Our team knows how to manage and quickly respond to inclement weather. That practiced response protects your new sidewalks no matter what happens. From excavation to pouring, our local employees are prepared for whatever the Northwest brings during construction.
  • Rules and Regulations – Regulations vary depending on where the sidewalk is, what the land zoned for, the amount of expected traffic, and more. We take every factor into account when we construct your new sidewalks. That way you don’t have to wonder if they meet local regulations because we will show you exactly how they do.

What are you looking for in a sidewalk?

Sidewalks don’t have to be boring. You can have a customized sidewalk that becomes a local landmark. How do we do it? Decorative concrete sidewalks can be etched using acid, stamped with accents, logos, and unique designs, and stained different colors. These can even be used strategically to improve grip on primary walkways.

Your full-service gutter and curb contractors in Forest Grove!

  • We’ll hellp you decide if extruded or cast-in-place is best.
  • Complete site surveying and custom-made concrete work.
  • Our excavation team makes quick work of old and worn sidewalks.
  • Precise construction creates quality you can measure yourself.
  • Seamless flatwork and perfect, crisp edges. High-quality isn’t just a word, it’s our product.
  • We meet every regulation from the city to the federal level.

What else can we do for you?

Control water run-off the right way. In Lake Forest, OR, proper run-off control isn’t an option, its a necessity. You depend on your sidewalks to channel rainwater into the sewer system. Erosion control depends on where your sidewalks are built as well. We build to protect your foundation and landscape. That means using natural features to our advantage and carefully positioning sidewalks in relation to high-ground. When you want intelligent sidewalk design, call on us.

We also provide maintenance and repairs. There’s not much stronger than concrete, but damage can occur over time. The longest lasting sidewalks are properly maintained. We offer full-maintenance services as well as repair work in the event of uneven surfacing, shifts, and cracks. Even if we didn’t install it, we’ll take care of it. Get your current concrete work restored and maintained by the area’s leading contractor.

Call us today. It’s time for new sidewalks.

We’re ready to get to work. It just takes a single phone call to experience the Parker Concrete difference. Get responsive help from a company that specializes in concrete. We perform every aspect of the job and can include you in each step or just major decisions. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our work. If you want those same rigorous standards to go to work for you, call or contact us today.