Concrete Patios Vancouver WA

Concrete Patios Vancouver WA

We Build Durable Concrete Patios for Northwest Homes

If you’re thinking of building a concrete patio for your Vancouver, Washington home, our concrete contractor service is ready to make the job easy for you.

With over 30 years of providing quality concrete foundations and flatwork for Pacific Northwest homes and businesses, Parker Concrete exceeds expectations every time.

How do we exceed expectations every time? 

  • Better Materials – Our patio cement mixtures are formulated for long-term outdoor use and exposure.
  • Exceptional Foresight – We identify challenges before they become setbacks by measuring, inspecting, and asking the right questions beforehand.
  • Thoughtful Craftsmanship – How do you plan to use your patio? We consider the human element of construction so you get the best product possible.
  • Locally Owned – Washington has a reputation for excellence. We uphold this standard by raising the bar on service and construction methodology.
  • Uniform Thickness – We pour concrete using methods that establish consistent strength and thickness.

The right concrete for Vancouver, Washington’s climate

The type of cement mixture we use is often dictated by temperature and weather. Because concrete takes longer to set when temperatures drop below 50 degrees, we need to protect it so it has a chance to gain strength.

Using high-tech methods, our team ensures cement mixtures have the right hydration levels so it can cure on schedule, no matter the weather.

Concrete Patio Designs

Concrete doesn’t have to be limited to walkways and driveways. Concrete patios are practical and durable for entertainment spaces as well. And because concrete can be molded into a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, the design potential is wide open.

Talk to us about creating a space that beckons to be used, like a covered concrete outdoor space with furniture, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, and, most importantly, a retreat from both the indoors and the weather.

Get beauty and affordability with a stamped concrete patio

Concrete can be textured and embossed to create more appealing designs than standard flatwork. And for Vancouver, Washington homeowners, this is an attractive option. Not only can Parker Concrete work with you to find a durable and practical solution for your outdoor hardscaping, we can talk about the myriad ways to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Stamped concrete is also referred to as imprinted or texturized concrete. Its purpose is to make outdoor concrete look significantly nicer without the high price tag. By simulating more expensive types of ground coverings, stamped concrete is an incredibly popular option for home and business owners on a budget.

But don’t call it a compromise. Stamped concrete looks just as nice brick, natural stone, or tile and offers the same durability, even in areas that field high traffic or extreme weather.

Vancouver WA Concrete Patio Designs

What do you want from your patio?

The talented team at Parker Concrete taps into their extensive background in construction and surface design to intelligently mix color and texture to create the perfect look and feel for your outdoor surfaces.

Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll work together to find the best solution for your next resurfacing project.