Concrete Patios Portland

Concrete Patios Portland

Strong and Stunning Concrete Patios

Parker Concrete is a concrete contractor in Portland that offers quality work, accurate planning, and complete dedication to each project.

Our work encompasses everything from large-scale commercial flatwork to residential exterior work.

Over the last thirty years, we have built our reputation on the ability to execute jobs flawlessly, on-time, and on-budget.

If you need concrete laid for your new concrete patio, we work with you to create a uniform and robust walking or entertaining space that stands the test of time.   

Parker’s experience means that we are poised to tackle even the most complex cement patio projects.

When clients come to us, it’s because they know that our team is professional and treats each property not like a job site, but like a home.

Our project managers approach each project with careful planning; taking accurate measurements and ensuring that the final plan meets your expectations.

Portland OR Concrete Patio Contractor

What’s the advantage of a concrete patio?

There are a number of materials available for residential porches and patios. Though, in the rainy Northwest climate, concrete stands the test of time.

Cedar is the choice material for a variety of outdoor structures because of its mold resistance, but it still wears down after several years of being left out in the weather. It also requires regular sealing.

Brick and stone are some other popular options for hardscaping, but when it comes to covering large areas, flatwork is simply more cost-effective and practical.

However, flatwork integrates well with more decorative types of rock like flagstone, so talk to us about creating a balanced look for your outdoor patio.

Five Reasons Why Concrete Flatwork Patios are Ideal for Outdoor Spaces
  1. Concrete lasts longer – Longevity is key when it comes to cement patios in Portland. Our sidewalks, walkways, patios, and driveways handle a lot of moisture, so they need to be crafted with that in mind. Our contractors only use concrete formulas that perform optimally in cold climates.
  2. Versatility – Concrete can be molded into any shape as well as stamped, which means if your yard is restricted by odd angles or other features, the concrete can be shaped around them. You can also choose between different shades in order to match adjacent stone facades or other stonework.
  3. Little to no upkeep – Depending on how clean you like your patio, concrete flatwork does not need to be maintained. And fewer joints between each slab means weeds won’t sprout and there is less chance that moss and debris will need to be cleaned out.
  4. Lower carbon footprint – Wood decks, though classic and attractive, require a lot of raw lumber and require regular treatment with hazardous solvents and sealers.
  5. Environmentally conscious options –  Talk to us about porous concrete that allows water to penetrate through the surface into the groundwater and reduce runoff. No matter what style of concrete patio you choose, Parker Concrete builds with proper drainage in mind; directing rainwater away from the foundation.


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