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Concrete Foundation

A Concrete Foundation is the Foundation of Stability

Your building requires support, and that support begins with a foundation built by an experienced concrete contractor. Construction doesn’t start with the ground floor—it begins at the sub-levels, the ones you won’t see, and won’t think about, once construction is complete. If you don’t choose a legacy company like Parker Concrete to pour the foundation of your Vancouver, WA building, by the time you realize anything is wrong your entire structure could be compromised.

This is just the start of your project. Call us now to begin with a safe, precise, and structurally sound concrete foundation engineered for support and stability.

There’s a reason concrete is used in foundational construction. It’s the strongest supportive material available. Our experts engineer foundations. Every detail is mapped out beforehand using state of the art software and in-depth knowledge of structural engineering. We design our foundations specifically for your project, accounting for the weight loads and distribution of the final building. Because we only hire extremely skilled and experienced workers who know the field inside and out, we get the job done in less time. That saves you money while maintaining the incredibly high standards to which we hold our employees and our company.

How do building foundations vary?

House Foundations

A foundation is the basis of your home. We’ll work with you to design a basement layout that meets your needs. As concrete contractors, we take underground utilities into account as well. That means properly routing and protecting critical sewer, electrical, gas, and cable lines.

Commercial Foundations

Not all buildings are the same. Commercial buildings are proof of that. A two-story building requires a different support system than a 20-story building with underground parking. We build foundations for the needs of each building including footing or deep concrete walls. We can make the building construction process even easier by installing new sidewalks as well.

Concrete Slabs

Some load-bearing structures don’t have to support a building, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work just as hard. We pour perfectly level foundations for pole barns that can handle the weight of farming equipment, industrial equipment, and more year after year. This flatwork is some of the strongest available.

Concrete retaining walls keep your building foundation safe.

Water damages your foundation. That’s why gutters route it from the roof and safely away from your home. That isn’t the only way water can get into your foundation though. Hillsides and landscaping in Vancouver can naturally channel water towards your foundation. The best way to protect your investment is with the installation of a retaining wall.

Can your property benefit from a retaining wall?

We’re concrete specialists. It just takes a phone call to schedule an appointment. We’ll show you if and where you need channel water runoff. Protect your foundation. Act now.

There isn’t just one way to install a retaining wall. We offer customizable and budget-friendly options for any build. Custom poured-concrete walls can be shaped around landscape elements to protect and provide an artistic touch with concrete stamping and etching. We can also use more affordable pre-poured slabs, bricks, or concrete blocks to route water away from your building.

Concrete Foundation

Underground utility installation how it should be.

Once your underground utilities are installed, the only way you won’t have to think about them again is if it’s done correctly. We have decades of experience with underground utility infrastructures. Your sewer, electrical, gas, and fiber lines all need protection from the elements. We provide it with carefully mapped, fully constructed infrastructures that are designed to withstand the weather.

Call us today to start your foundation construction in Vancovuer, WA.

You want to start your building out on the right footing. That requires a professionally constructed, accurate, and affordable concrete foundation. It’s the basis for everything that comes after, and you want to get it right. That’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done for over 30 years. For a concrete foundation in Vancouver, WA that can support your structure decade after decade, Parker Concrete is the only company you need.

Concrete Foundation Projects