Every Building Starts with the Perfect Concrete Foundation

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Every Building Starts with the Perfect Concrete Foundation

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We don’t have to tell you that a building’s stability is greatly compromised by a poorly constructed foundation. Foundation concrete pouring is one of Parker Concrete’s specialties as we have been doing it for years in the Portland area. While pouring a foundation may sound simple, there are a lot of components that make up a sturdy foundation. The right concrete contractor gives you the foundation you need for a lasting, safe, and structurally secure building.

Concrete foundations are unmatched in strength compared to foundations made from other materials. To achieve the best concrete foundation, careful attention to detail must be taken when it comes to setting the forms and slabs. Our foundation experts have been trained excessively and have years of experience working with and pouring quality concrete foundations. Our workers will make sure that everything is accounted for to provide the best quality concrete foundation possible. Our skilled workers are much more efficient at completing tasks in a much shorter amount of time, which in turn saves you money. Not only will the savings be passed onto you, but the quality of the craftsmanship will be exceptional to give you the quality foundation you are in need of.

What are the differences between building foundations?

House Foundations

When you need an exceptional foundation for your new home building project, you’ve come to the right place. Our skilled foundation pouring in Portland is affordable, exacting, and efficiently performed by highly skilled foundation experts. We make sure your underground utility lines are protected and connected through your home foundation.

Commercial Foundations

Depending on the size and scope of the intended building, your Portland concrete foundation may need footings or require deep concrete walls for sub-levels. Many commercial buildings also require new sidewalks after construction. As a load-bearing structure, these need to be built correctly right from the start. Commercial properties are held to the same exacting standards as our residential ones. We provide everything your commercial building needs. Services include structure demolition as well as excavation of the new site.

Concrete Slabs

Barn owners need an experienced concrete foundation contractor in Portland they can trust to provide a top-notch pole barn foundation. When you require a perfectly level, industrial strength concrete slab foundation for your pole barn, we deliver. With decades of experience, contact Parker Concrete for pole barn slab work that exceeds your standards and is built to last. Our slabwork is built to stand up to even the heaviest equipment loads day after day.

Protect your foundation with concrete retaining walls!

The greatest threat to your foundation is water. As foundational experts, we analyze the area around your property to determine where water run-off will naturally route. Sometimes there isn’t a problem and saturation levels of the grounds are enough to handle heavy rains. When they aren’t you could be looking at a stream of water running towards your home everytime it rains. That’s where retaining wall installation comes in.

Even finished homes can benefit from protective retaining walls!

If you’re concerned about water runoff, give us a call. We’ll have a retaining wall specialist determine if and where you need one.

We offer a variety of methods for retaining wall installation. You can choose from custom walls using pre-poured concrete block, bricks, interlocking paver-style systems, or custom retaining walls created and poured by us. Custom walls offer additional beautifying elements and can be combined with decorative effects to add to the landscape.

Underground utility installation the right way.

You’ll only realize your underground utilities weren’t installed properly when they stop working. That’s the last thing you want, and it can be prevented. We specialize in underground utility infrastructures. Protective concrete barriers and correct installation methods for water lines, electrical lines, and fiber internet cables is the easiest way to prevent future incidences. We use the right methods for each and install underground utility lines to meet federal and state codes.

No matter what the scope of the project, or what kind of building you’ll be putting on top of it, our concrete work gives you the foundation you need for an incredible building. Call or Contact Us today, we’re your concrete foundation contractor in Portland.

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