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Begin your Building with a Solid Concrete Foundation

Concrete Foundation

Foundation work all over the world is laid by a concrete contractor. With an incredibly high compressive strength, it can hold up to nearly anything when paired with steel beams. In an experienced contractors hands, it’s an amazing foundation for every building type. That’s why business and home builders looking for the highest levels of knowledge, skill, and experience use Parker Concrete for their concrete foundation in Hillsboro.

With more than 30 years performing the highest quality work for business owners and residents, we’re one of the most trusted local concrete foundation contractors. It all starts at the employee level. We have strict expectations that guarantee a staff of industry experts at the tops of their field. Requiring years of on-site experience and in-depth knowledge allows us to pour precise concrete foundations that last for generations.

What makes us your best choice for concrete work in Hillsboro?

This dedication to excellence sets us apart from the competition. A concrete foundation contractor in dryer climates can afford to be imperfect, but with the excessive rainfall in the Northwest, concrete work has to be exact.

We’re a contractor that always make sure to do what’s best for our customers. That includes owning, operating and maintaining our own heavy machinery. This allows a two-fold benefit for our clients. Strict maintenance schedules ensure our equipment is always performing at its peak. Owning our machinery means we don’t have to rent in order to provide efficient earth moving, pouring, and grading. That reduces the cost to you and allows us to charge significantly less than competitors reliant on equipment rentals.

Your Home, Commercial, and Industrial Foundation Contractors

House Foundations

Our foundation pouring in Hillsboro is the best way to achieve a precisely measured, carefully poured, and structurally sound base for your new home. We’re proud to be an affordable concrete foundation contractor in Hillsboro for companies and individual builders.

Commercial Foundations

A building project with sub levels may need deep concrete walls. Depending on a building’s size and height these may support a lot of structural weight. We have the highest standards for our commercial work. When you want a carefully constructed foundation built to your exact measurements, we’re your concrete foundation contractor in Hillsboro. We can also repair or install concrete sidewalks at the same time.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Foundation
For a perfect pole barn foundation, choose us. As accomplished concrete foundation contractors in Hillsboro, we’re familiar with the unique needs these projects pose. That’s why our concrete slab foundations are dependable, tough, and precisely leveled. When you want fast, accurate pole barn concrete foundation pouring that starts your barn out right, you’re in the right place. No one does pole barn slab work better.

Concrete retaining walls protect your foundation!

Water is your foundations biggest threat. That’s why we take necessary steps to prevent it. If your property is naturally graded to route water runoff away from your foundation, you may not need additional barriers. That isn’t always the case, though. That’s where our retaining wall installation shines. We can install beautiful walls that protect your foundation without detracting from the landscape.

Protect your greatest investment with retaining walls!

Call us now. We’re happy to have our specialist come out and determine if retaining walls can benefit your home or business.

We can customize concrete walls to fit your landscape. Choose from pre-poured concrete bricks, blocks, and pavers or a poured retaining wall. Combining these methods with concrete coloring, etching, and printing turns a wall into a decorative element.


Experience matters for your underground utility installation.

Out of sight should only be out of mind if you know the job was done correctly. Underground utilities are the last thing you want to find out weren’t installed correctly. That’s why our 30+ years of experience matters so much. Our underground utility infrastructure specialists correctly install, and protect, electrical lines, water lines, gas lines, and fiber internet cables. Choosing us now is the easiest way to prevent issues later. When you need underground utility line installation, choose Parker Concrete.

No matter how large the scope of your project, or what your building needs are, we’re your source for an affordable, precisely designed and poured concrete foundation. Call (503) 992-0400 or Contact Us for a trusted local concreted foundation contractor in Hillsboro.

Concrete Foundation Projects