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Concrete Foundation

Builders across the world prefer concrete. With an exceedingly high compressive strength, pairing it with steel beams makes for a concrete foundation that can stand up to almost anything. In the hands of experienced contractors, its versatility makes it great for any application. That’s why home builders and business owners looking for the utmost levels of skill, experience, and knowledge choose Parker Concrete as their concrete contractor in Forest Grove.

With over 30 years providing the highest caliber work for home and business owners it’s easy to see why we’ve become the most trusted concrete foundation contractor in Forest Grove. It all begins with our employees. Our strict expectations ensure we have a staff of industry veterans at the height of their field. Requiring complete knowledge and years of hands-on experience allows us to pour exacting concrete foundations that last, supporting our customers for generations.

Experienced Concrete Foundation Contractors

Our dedication to perfection puts us ahead of the pack. A concrete foundation contractor in a climate with lower precipitation can afford imprecise work, but with a high annual rainfall, Northwest concrete work has to be precise.

We always do what’s best for our clients. That includes operating, owning, and maintaining our own heavy machines. This provides our clients with a two-fold benefit. Strict maintenance scheduling keeps our equipment performing at its best. Owning our machinery eliminates the need for expensive rentals when completing grading, earth moving, and pouring. We pass these deductions onto you and charge far less than competitors that rely on rental equipment.

What kinds of foundations do we build?

Concrete Foundation

House Foundations

Our foundation pouring in Forest Grove is the easiest way to get a carefully poured, precisely measured, and structurally sound foundation for your new home. We’re proud to be a cost-effective concrete foundation contractor in Forest Grove for individuals and companies alike.

Commercial Foundations

Deep concrete walls are often necessary for building projects with extensive sub levels. They may support the majority of a structure’s weight, which can be significant depending on building height and size. Our commercial work is held to the highest standards. As your concrete foundation contractor in Forest Grove, we’re dedicated to providing business owners with carefully constructed foundations that match your specifications and meet all codes and regulations.

Concrete Slabs

Our slab work is perfect when you need a strong, durable pole barn foundation. As veteran concrete foundation contractors in Forest Grove, we understand the qualities the final product needs to possess. That’s why our concrete slab foundations are perfectly level, tough, and dependable. When you want to park a four-ton tractor and know your foundation is stable, trust us with your pole barn concrete foundation. We excel at accurate, fast pouring that sets quickly and starts you out right. No one provides better local pole barn slab work.

Concrete retaining walls are your first line of defense.

The last thing you want to do is leave your new foundation unprotected. Just like gutters direct water off the roof and away from your foundation, retaining walls direct water from the landscape away from your foundation. Not every lot has the right grading, soil density, and fauna to soak up water during the rainy season. Our concrete walls look good while channeling water into the right drainage areas.

Retaining walls are your first line of foundation defense.

Your landscape could be routing water straight to your foundation. Our concrete walling puts a stop to it without detracting from your property.

Our retaining walls are completely customizable. We can create casts and pour walls that flow with your landscape and are easily customizable. Any of our decorative concrete options can be incorporated into these custom walls. Lower cost options include pre-cast walls, concrete bricks, and blocks. No matter how you have it built, know that our experts in the field of water drainage management ensure your wall serves its primary purpose.


Get the experienced underground utility installation you need!

It’s easy to assume underground utilities are installed by the city, but this isn’t the case. Where your property line begins is where the city’s responsibility ends. New construction is the perfect time to lay down your underground utility infrastructure. With over 30 years building these infrastructures for Northwest homes and businesses we know how to correctly protect electrical, sewer, gas, water, and fiber-optic lines from elemental factors and the weight of construction above them. Make sure that your utility lines are truly out of sight and out of mind. It starts with the installation, and installation starts with us.

Whatever your project size, whether you’re building a home or commercial office park, we craft a concrete foundation you can depend on. Call or contact us today—we’re your neighborhood concrete foundation contractors in Forest Grove and we work hard for you.

Concrete Foundation Projects