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There’s a reason foundational work throughout the world is completed using concrete. With unrivaled strength and reliability, it’s a great foundation for any building in the hands of an experienced concrete contractor. That’s why home and business builders who need the best qualities in a concrete foundation contractor in Beaverton rely on the skill, knowledge, and experience of Parker Concrete.

We’ve got over 30 years providing local residents and business owners with quality service, becoming Beaverton’s preferred concrete foundation contractor. We couldn’t do it without a skilled team of individuals at the height of their field, and that’s why every one of our employees is an expert at their trade and possess years of experience.

Have you experienced the Parker Concrete difference?

That experience is what sets us apart from our competitors. Concrete foundations can be simple to lay in dryer climates, but with the regular rainfall we receive in the Northwest concrete work must be exacting.

We maintain and operate our own heavy machinery. Clearing space for your concrete foundation is efficient, and our regular equipment inspections guarantee reliability under any conditions. This also helps us to further reduce the consumer cost of our concrete foundation work. You get high-quality excavation without the added cost of equipment rentals.

What goes into a concrete building foundation?

Concrete Foundation Portland

House Foundations

With skilled foundation pouring in Beaverton, you’ll get a flawless foundation for your new home. We pride ourselves on being an affordable option for individual builders and companies alike. We work with you and your home plans to create the sub-spaces you want for your new home as well as utility infrastructures and protected sub-levels. Our team can even grade and pour your concrete driveway.

Commercial Foundations

You may require deep concrete walls if your building project is designed with sub levels. These may end up supporting a lot of weight depending on the scope of your building. Commercial properties are held to our rigid, high standards. When you want an expertly constructed foundation built to exacting specifications, we’re your concrete foundation contractors.

Concrete Slabs

When you need an expertly poured pole barn foundation, make us your first call. As an experienced concrete foundation contractor in Beaverton, we can provide you with a precisely leveled, tough and dependable concrete slab foundation for your pole barn. We have decades of pole barn concrete foundation pouring experience under our hats, so get started right with pole barn slab work designed to stand up to anything.

Foundational protection starts with Retaining Walls

The very base of your construction project is your foundation. It’s what you can’t see that matters most. Sub-structures support your building and keep it level. When water starts to penetrate the foundation it can erode it or cause cracks during a freeze/thaw cycle. If your landscape is routing water to your foundation, eventually you’ll pay the price. Damaged foundations lead to structural instability, leaning homes, uneven floors, and more. How do you stop it? Retaining walls from Parker Concrete.

Reroute damaging water with custom retaining walls.

We aren’t just a concrete company—we’re in the business of drainage management. Our walls route water away from your foundation and protect your home.

We offer retaining walls for every build and budget. Custom walls are constructed and poured on-site. These can flow and curve around your landscape, providing organic decoration and lasting water management. More affordable pre-built option include pre-cast retaining walls, or walls built using concrete blocks or bricks. Whatever option you choose, we’ll inspect your landscape, create a management plan, and cover it with you in full before installation. Get more from your concrete. Call now.

Underground utility installation the right way.

The last thing you want to experience is utility line damage; it can cripple your home or business. Your electricity, water, and internet all run to your building from separate underground lines. Making sure your underground utilities are protected begins with a concrete infrastructure. That’s what we do. With over 30 years building foundations and excavating infrastructures for all incoming and outgoing lines for industrial, commercial, and home applications; we build to last. It’s what your building project deserves.

No matter what your projects scope or building needs, we’ll provide you with an affordable, expertly designed and executed concrete foundation. Call (503) 992-0400 or Contact Us today for a trusted local concrete foundation contractor in Beaverton.



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