Concrete Flatwork Forest Grove

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Concrete Flatwork Forest Grove

We’ve been a locally owned and operated flatwork contractor for more than 3 decades. That’s more than 30 years laying flatwork for commercial and home applications in Forest Grove and the greater Northwest. Why does that experience matter so much a concrete contractor? The Northwest is volatile. You don’t just need flatwork that can withstand the weather, you need a company that can install it even when the weather goes south. We are always prepared. That’s why we build perfect foundations, gorgeous patios, and level driveways all year round. We earned the trust of Forest Grove, and we will earn yours too. Call Parker Concrete now.

As flatwork contractors, what can we build for you?

The right flatwork contractor makes laying the groundwork for your structure, patio, driveway, path, or sidewalk easy. Our flatwork installers aren’t limited to plain designs. With their experience, we can easily add decorative touches that make your flat areas unique, interesting and seamlessly blended between their utilitarian nature and the surrounding landscape. Options include:

  • Traditional Flatwork – This is utilitarian in design and approach. We typically follow these standards when constructing garage floors, driveways, sidewalk surfaces, patios, and basement floors. Scoring may be added to improve grip.
  • Decorative Flatwork – This is most commonly used in walking, sitting, and leisure areas. Etched, colored, and stamped concrete all provide unique looks and interesting variation. It adds an organic feel to an otherwise sterile material.

How does flatwork construction work?

Concrete Flatwork Contractors Forest Grove
Just like everything in construction, it begins with an inspection, measurements, mockups, and blueprints. We are exacting in our standards, and that means taking the time to set a foundation for success. How is that determined? By the satisfaction of our customers and the longevity of our final products.

  • We provide you with an estimate. You’ll receive an estimate on the job based on the type of work you want to have done and scope of the project.
  • Surveyal and inspection. If you decide to move forward we’ll come out to survey the job site and take measurements. Building foundations must be level and these measurements will determine our recommendations and designs going forward.
  • We design your flatwork. We’ll work with you on design and layout. Our designers want to know what you’re looking for from your flatwork, what you’ll use it for, and any future building plans. Then we’ll create blueprints for your patio/driveway/entryway or other flatwork.
  • You give the go ahead and we get to work. After you sign off on the final plans, we’re ready to start. We’ll determine the right date to begin work and provide you with continual updates and a personal point of contact. We work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. That’s because our team is comprised of veteran concrete experts. We hire for experience because the final product must meet our exacting standards.


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The best buildings have flatwork to match. Whether you’re interested in a beautiful leisure area, strong foundation, or perfect driveway we are the company to build it. You won’t find concrete contractors in Forest Grove more dedicated than Parker Concrete. Call or contact us today to get started.