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Concrete Flatwork Contractor Beaverton

For an experienced concrete flatwork contractor Beaverton can depend on, you want Parker Concrete. We have over 30 years of local experience providing concrete flatwork contracting services to local homes and commercial businesses. We only employ experienced flat workers with the training and knowledge required to flawlessly execute any job. Flatwork can start your build with a gorgeous patio, and more, but only if you use a professional concrete contractor.

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With the right concrete flatwork contractor, Beaverton business owners and residents can have a stunning and unique building outside and in. Flatwork is utilized in two different ways, and as expert contractors, we perform both with precision and skill.

  • Traditional flatwork is mainly used on patios, garages, foundations, basement floors, driveways, and sidewalk surfaces.
  • Decorative work—designed, stamped, and/or colored—is commonly used on external walking and entertaining areas.

Traditional flatwork is ideal for creating strong foundational areas that see regular use. Decorative flatwork provides leisure areas with that same strength while providing unique and varied visuals with stamping and color work. This can bring a distinct character and refinement to approaches, patios, porches, and driveways.

As a concrete flatwork contractor, Beaverton flatwork is carried out both outside and inside to add prestige and value to a property. When strength, durability, and affordable decoration are required, flatwork makes an ideal flooring material.

What are the benefits of hiring a flatwork contractor?

Professionalism – As a Beaverton concrete flatwork contractor, we’ve seen the results of amateur builders getting in over their heads. Sub-contracting by yourself can lead to great difficulties at every stage and low quality work. If you don’t know an employee’s background, skills, and expertise you shouldn’t trust your property’s stability and foundation to them. Self-contracting also puts you on the hook for any workplace accidents. Just one mistake can cost you a whole project. We test our workers, insure our workers, and use the most skilled people for every job.

Environment – When it comes to a concrete flatwork contractor, Beaverton benefits aren’t restricted to the job. Flatwork is environmentally friendly and doesn’t release toxins into the air. It does not contaminate the ground with tar based residue and is completely natural. Concrete is also a non-combustible material. This makes it great for fire safety and an excellent choice for homes and businesses.

Longevity – Flatwork lasts longer than stone, woodwork, and brick while retaining its natural beauty with very little maintenance. Its rate of moisture absorption is very low, this reduces the risk of warping and flaking in humid climates. That makes it a reliable material for use in and around Beaverton homes and businesses.
Concrete Flatwork Contractor Beaverton OR
As one of the areas longest operating concrete flatwork contractors, we bring practiced craftsmanship and professionalism to every job. When you need flatwork poured to last and built to spec, call (503) 922-0400 or Contact Us today.