Concrete Entryways Vancouver WA

Concrete Entryways Vancouver WA

A Contractor Specializing in Outdoor Entryways for Vancouver, Washington

Whatever your goal for your home or business’ entrance, you want its concrete features to be done right. After all, the nature of concrete is to stand up to the test of time, weather, and use. But, without a concrete contractor who takes steps to create exceptional results, your entryway may not live up to that potential.

Parker Concrete has been installing high-performing concrete entryways for commercial and residential clients for over thirty years. And in that time, we’ve refined our process and eliminated common mistakes.

In the Northwest, construction can’t be put on hold because the weather is prohibitive. We need to have the knowledge and fortitude work with it.

With over 30 years in the business, we’ve refined our process in ways that other contractors haven’t. Whether it’s adding warmer water to the mixture when temperatures drop below 50 degrees, protecting the poured cement when it’s raining, or adjusting the cement mixture to hasten dry time, we know how to make the right decisions for each circumstance.

A Concrete Advantage

Our dedicated crew is skilled in creating superior concrete foundations, driveways, entryways, and patios. Because we specialize in concrete, our clients have more control over the planning, process, and end result. We work closely with building and homeowners to ensure that each entryway is stable, resistant to cracking, allows for proper drainage, and is installed with a high level of precision.

Focusing on methods and mixtures that stand up to fluctuating Northwest conditions, Parker Concrete maintains its reputation as being a cut above the rest. If you are looking to remove an old entryway and install a better one for your home, business, garage, ADU, or patio, talk to us about our process.

We always start with a free consultation, fair and realistic estimates that include materials and labor, and timelines that meet your goals.

Our construction methodology works to eliminate costly setbacks and mistakes so you know exactly what to expect from the beginning.

Long-lasting steps, pathways, and entrances

Concrete entrances should be built with longevity in mind. And regardless of technical features such as steps, angles, curves, slopes, or decorative features, we create attractive and functional entryways that beckon you to follow them.

Concrete performs better when compared to other materials such as asphalt,┬ábrick, composite, or natural stone pavers. And though it can be sealed for extra protection, it’s not a necessity. This makes concrete easier to maintain than natural materials such as hardwood.

Before we even break ground, your project manager helps you learn about your options regarding color, texture, size, and shape. We know how to create exceptional concrete flatwork, but we rely on your insight to match our product with your vision.

Ready to get started on your new concrete entryway? Here are some questions to consider first:

  • Will any landscape features need to be relocated or removed prior to construction?
  • Does the new entryway need to connect with existing ones? Will they need to be colored or textured to match?
  • Have you taken rough measurements of the area?
  • Is the area covered or will it be exposed?
  • What is your budget?
  • Will steps be a part of the pathway?

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