Concrete Driveways Vancouver WA

Concrete Driveways Vancouver WA

Concrete Driveways for Vancouver, Washington Homes and Businesses

Concrete is the most popular driveway material in America. But Vancouver, Washinton homes and businesses demand a lot from their outdoor surfaces.

So, is concrete the best option in our region? The answer is yes …as long as the right concrete contractor installs it.

With high rainfall and temperatures that regularly fall below 50 degrees, concrete driveways, sidewalks, and walkways need to be installed with durability in mind. And correct installation depends on the knowledge and skill of the contractor who installs it.

Parker Concrete brings the right amount of precision and technical knowledge to every construction project we’re contracted for, large or small. So, Vancouver homeowners get the same level of professionalism and exactitude as our commercial clients.

Whether it’s a decorative backyard patio for a home nestled in the quaint Lake Shore neighborhood or the foundation for a modern multiplex in Vancouver’s exciting new downtown area, you can count on a quality product every time.

Driveway construction options to consider:

  • Removal and Replacement – Even the strongest concrete can weaken, crack, and become uneven over time. Not to mention become permanently stained with dirt and algae. See how a new driveway can rejuvenate your outdoor space.
  • New Driveway Installation – New homes, large apartment complexes, and commercial buildings all require paved parking areas. And they don’t have to conform to standard shapes and sizes either. Talk to us about stamped concrete, plain concrete, exposed aggregate, and pavers.
  • Driveway Materials –  Concrete can be tinted or mixed with a variety of materials to create certain looks or perfectly simulate other, more expensive, natural materials.

How Parker Concrete creates top-of-the-line driveways

Concrete driveways need to have the strength to withstand the weight of vehicles, near-constant assault from rain and cold temperatures, and the ability to perform under those conditions for decades. By considering temperature and moisture levels when we pour the concrete, we ensure that the cement mixture cures fully and in the right amount of time.

We take measures to protect the area while the concrete sets if the weather is less than ideal or if the temperature falls below 50 degrees. Our crew also considers drainage during the design stages. And anyone local to Vancouver, Washington knows how important it is to have water drain efficiently away from the foundation.

Parker Concrete does everything necessary to build a driveway that facilitates runoff. If your sub-grade is inadequate, we may use a sub-base, base, vapor barrier, or steel reinforcements. As always, we discuss the options with you before breaking ground.  

Vancouver WA Concrete Driveway

Concrete versus asphalt

Asphalt and concrete fundamentally differ in terms of composition, but another important distinction is that asphalt limits you in terms of aesthetics.

The color of concrete can be easily adjusted with water and acid-based stains, and the malleable nature of cement mixtures allows us to create different textures.

The other disadvantage of asphalt is its tendency to heat up quickly in the sun. Because it’s exclusively black in color, sunny days could mean higher driveway temps and higher surrounding air temperature as a result.

Concrete driveways are cost-effective and durable. Call Parker Concrete for driveways done right.