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Why make us your local concrete contractor?

Concrete Contractors in Forest-Grove by Parker Concrete

Concrete construction projects need to move smoothly. You can’t risk delays and the largest contributing factor to a project that’s fallen behind and over-budget is poor craftsmanship. That’s because the quality of a final product doesn’t just rest with the build. Craftsmanship comes from skilled foremen, technically accurate journeymen, and a legacy of industry experience. When you want a foundation for success, make Parker Concrete your concrete contractors in Forest Grove.

Choose a legacy of experience.

We’ve been providing Forest Grove with the strongest building foundations, sidewalks, and flatwork for over 30 years. This hasn’t just sharpened our entire process, it means we know exactly how to build to code no matter what business your property is supporting. Our permit acquisition and inspection process is incredibly streamlined and moves you rapidly onto the next stage of your project.

Local Commercial Concrete Construction

You have to look below the skyline to see our work, but it lays the groundwork for a structure you can depend on. Our company was born in the Northwest. As local concrete contractors, we understand how to make your structure resilient. This resiliency comes from an understanding of Northwest weather. We build our foundations in Forest Grove to account for rainwater runoff by properly grading the building site and leveling concrete accordingly.

We take steps to reduce costs for clients while ensuring the highest standards for your building foundation.

  • We own and maintain our own equipment so you don’t have to. If you choose concrete contractors that don’t have their own equipment you take on the rental cost. They may have a deal made with the rental company, or worse, be unfamiliar with the rental company, its equipment, and their maintenance schedules. We own our own equipment for a reason. Detailed maintenance logs and inspections keep our machines in peak condition and our operators know them inside and out.
  • We only hire industry experts in their field. What saves more time? Two workers with minimal experience or a single expert? After you consider the cost of amateur mistakes both to the bottom-line and timeline it’s an easy question. We only hire skilled workers with previous experience and proven success in their field. This inbuilt quality control vastly reduces the chance for mistakes and increases efficiency. Your project should always move forwards—when we’re on the job it will.
  • Our crews are trained for multi-crew sites. From pouring concrete footings to retaining walls and flatwork, we rarely work in a bubble. This is especially true on commercial construction sites. Our team members are trained in multi-crew site safety. They watch out for other site crews and reduce the risk of injury for all on-site workers.

Concrete Work we Perform Includes:

  • Decorative Concrete
  • Retaining Walls
  • Demolition

Concrete Contractor Forest Grove

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Start your project with a solid foundation. We build to spec and we work better, faster, and harder. Your foundation sets the tone for the rest of your build. Start work on an uneven one and you’ll soon wish you’d called Parker Concrete to begin with. For commercial, home, and industrial foundations in Forest Grove, nobody does it better. Call or contact us for an estimate on your concrete project today.