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Concrete Contractors Clackamas

Concrete makes up the very foundation of your project. Precision measurements are a must. Skilled pouring and proper setting determine how solid the final product is. Experienced professionals know every facet of their job, and eliminate errors through proper application and thorough inspection. The right company can make concrete contractor work look easy. That’s because the right company has honed their craft for 3 generations. When quality matters most the concrete contractor Clackamas residents rely on more than any other is Parker Concrete.

Choose a comprehensive concrete contractor.

Once you find the right local concrete contractor, you’ll want to use them for future projects. That’s not an option if they only know one aspect of concrete work. With over 30 years of experience laying Clackamas with exceptional concrete work, if it involves concrete, we do it. Our company is experienced providing residential, commercial, and industrial concrete work. We know how to work besides additional contractors on the same site, as well as the requirement, regulations, and codes that must be followed for each construction type.

From gaining permits to cleaning up, we handle every area of the project with integrity and care. Our concrete contracting company has taken steps to reduce our overhead costs and increase the reliability of our work. We pass these savings directly onto the client, and some of the benefits you’ll receive when you choose Parker Concrete include:
Concrete Foundation Contractor Clackamas

  • We own and maintain our own equipment: When you hire a contractor that has to rent their equipment, they increase their prices to compensate. They may not be aware of problems affecting the machinery, or when it was last inspected. We perform pre-work inspections before every work day along with detailed maintenance logs. This reduces the cost to you while increasing our reliability on-site.
  • We only hire experts in their field: Each employee we hire is an expert in their field. We’ve found that the additional cost associated with highly skilled workers is offset by increases in efficiency and reductions in work-site errors. This actually makes our team a more cost-effective choice for your build, because they deliver you can depend on.
  • We train for multi-crew sites: Concrete work is often performed when other crews are also working. Maintaining site safety is paramount when efficiency is key and an injury can cause major setbacks. That’s why our employees are all trained in multi-crew site safety. This reduces the chance of injury for all workers, because our employees watch out for everyone on-site.

Concrete Work we Perform Includes:

  • Flatwork
  • Foundations
  • Excavation
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Slabwork
  • Sidewalks

Concrete Contractor Clackamas

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