Winterizing Concrete

Posted on by Parker Concrete

With winter on its way, now is a great time to consider your concrete driveway and walkway. It is getting progressively colder outside, and that can mean icy conditions for you and your family. Although most people know that blacktop needs maintenance, concrete can often be left by the wayside. Local concrete contractors in Hillsboro, OR know that when you treat it right, your concrete driveway and walkway can last you an entire lifetime.

When to treat concrete?

The most common recommendation for cleaning and sealing your concrete walkway and driveway is every 2 – 3 years. With this maintenance schedule you should have a great reduction in concrete problems.

Why treat concrete?

Treatment can prevent pop-outs and cracks in your concrete. It also serves to protect it from elemental damage, like that caused by moisture. Current products also provide a number of other benefits, like slip reduction on slick surfaces.

What to know?

You’ll first want to determine what kind of sealant was used previously. Water and Acrylic based sealants do not mix, so make sure you continue to use whatever type of sealant was used previously.

How to treat concrete?

You’ll want to thoroughly pressure wash and then air dry your concrete surface for at least 2 days. By putting a piece of paper into a concrete joint you can tell if any water remains. Once you are water free, you can apply sealer.

If it seems like a bit much to tackle on your own, don’t hesitate to call your local concrete contractor in Hillsboro, OR. Our next entry will discuss sealant options and cover all the pros and cons you will want to consider.