What Is Stamped Concrete?

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What Is Stamped Concrete

Now that you have learned a little something about what concrete is and how it is made, let’s get more specific. What is the difference between stamped concrete and regular-old concrete? The short answer is that stamped concrete can be textured or embossed to increase an aesthetic design. A stamped concrete contractor in Portland will have a full range of details of all the available options to choose from.

So, now that you have the short answer, let’s get into some detail. Stamped concrete is also called imprinted or texturized concrete. It is a great way to add style and beauty to entryways, courtyards, driveways, patios, and any other outdoor space. Stamped concrete basically simulates other types of ground-covering building material. This includes brick, flagstone, tile, cobblestone, and any other variety of stone—and that’s just to name a few.

Why Stamped Concrete Over Other Options?

Stamped concrete is very often the more economical option. While the color, shape, and texture can simulate almost any style of ground cover, it is generally less expensive than whatever it is made to look like.

In addition to being less expensive, it is also usually more durable than other options. Using things like flagstone or tiles can lead to chipping, cracks, or breakage when something falls on it. Concrete is extremely strong and can take a beating as well as withstand extreme weather conditions.

One last reason to opt for stamped concrete over other alternatives is that it can be laid over whatever surface already exists. Where stone, brick, and tile can be difficult to adhere to a surface that is already laid, stamped cement makes a perfect resurfacing choice. Not only does it adhere well, it can also be made level—even if the surface below is not.

Like with any kind of concrete, there is a skill to mixing the color and texture to get the simulation right. It is always best to leave the work to a concrete contractor in Portland.