Types Of Excavation Work

Posted on by Parker Concrete

Back yard with house and lrage tub

When it comes to excavation work, there are many different projects that you can have done around your home and on your property. These projects can make your property safer, add a feature to your landscape for aesthetic reasons, or serve to save you money in system functionality in the long run. If you want to have a excavation project completed on your property you will want to hire a professional who specializes in excavation in Hillsboro to help you ensure the project is successful. If you want a good idea of what type of excavation work is available to do, the following guide will be able to help you out.

Walls and Foundations

Some of the more practical excavation work available includes foundations and retaining walls. These projects are mostly used to help keep your home and your property solid and structurally sound. Foundations are used for your house and need to be done correctly so your house can have something solid to stand on for a long time into the future. Retaining walls are good for property that is sloped or threatening to landslide. They will give your land a more firm base and will be able to prevent problems that may arise from too much rainfall or other issues.

Ponds and Pools

Ponds and pools are available for excavation work as well. If you want to add a more natural beauty to your property that also serves as a calming and relaxing area for you and your family to gather, a pond could be exactly what you are looking for. Adding vegetation and rock around the pond will bring wildlife and other features as well. A pool provides less of a natural beauty, but can serve as a recreational area for you and your family to enjoy the warm summer days. A pool is also great if you host a lot of friendly gatherings during the spring and summer months.

Repair Work

Excavation work can also be used to perform repairs around your property. For example, if your sewer line or septic tank need repair work done, an excavation company can help with the process by digging down to the problem. Excavation can be used for pipe trenching as well, which can help with initial set ups and repair work for other aspects of your plumbing system. For the best results when it comes to repairs around your property, call in an experienced excavation expert to help you through the process.