The Benefits of a Backyard Pond

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A Natural Oasis in Hillsboro

Thinking of building a pond in the backyard here in Hillsboro, Oregon? Not only is that a great idea, but a reputable local excavating contractor can quickly help homeowners prepare their yard for the addition of a beautiful backyard pond. Here are a few benefits associated with installing a brand new backyard pond.

Benefits of a Backyard Pond in Oregon

Backyard ponds look nice, but that’s not all they’re suitable for. Check out the advantages of having a backyard pond here.

Visual Aesthetic

Backyard ponds are beautiful. The most straightforward advantage of having a backyard pond is looking outside at it. Ponds often become the main attraction in a home garden. When homeowners include colorful fish and plants around the pond, it becomes the focal point of the whole yard. Also, consider adding a water feature like a waterfall or spitter to the pond to increase its attractiveness. Many backyard pond owners install outdoor lighting to enjoy their mini-lake at night, as well.

Calming Sounds

Another benefit to a backyard pond is the oasis created by calming water sounds. Many people use water sounds to help calm down or fall asleep. Adding a pond to the backyard creates white noise, which can help cancel out noisy neighbors or nearby road traffic. Adding water features can increase this white noise. Make sure to point it toward whichever area of the home needs sound blocking the most, such as a bedroom or working office. Planting numerous flowers and other flora around the water feature will help direct the sounds where they’re needed most.

Mental Health Benefitsbackyard pond hillsboro

As mentioned before, the sounds of running water have a calming effect on an anxious mind and body. Not only that, but building a backyard pond provides homeowners with a sanctuary. Having an area to escape to during times of stress and other forms of emotional suffering can have a profound effect on a person’s mental health and well-being.

Additionally, cognitive scientists have developed a term known as “blue-mind.” Blue-mind refers to the numerous psychological benefits of being around water. These benefits include calmness, better focus, improved creativity, and better sleep quality. Water affects the brain in ways similar to meditation.

Physical Health Benefits

In addition to numerous mental health benefits, backyard ponds may have significant health benefits, as well. Water releases negatively charged ions into the air. These negative ions combat free radicals, a type of molecule that can steal electrons from human cells, ultimately damaging them. Water helps purify the air and rid it of dust mites, pollen, germs, and other allergens. This helps keep the body healthy. A backyard pond can also help boost serotonin levels in the brain, a chemical that increases energy, alertness, and concentration.

Financial Benefits

Believe it or not, having a backyard pond in Hillsboro can help save homeowners money. The summers can get pretty hot here in Oregon, and many homes in the area are not equipped with air conditioners. Having a backyard pond naturally cools the area. Water evaporates off of the pond’s surface, which reduces heat. Backyard ponds help lower utility bills during those hot summers.

Backyard ponds also provide backyard water storage. Having clean, accessible freshwater in an emergency is priceless, but it can also save homeowners money in the event of a water shortage. While that’s unlikely here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, it’s good to be prepared.

Also, the pond can be used to water plants in the backyard. Ultimately, dipping a watering can into the pond to water plants around the yard and in the home will reduce the water bill.

Environmental Benefits

Perhaps the most significant benefit of having a backyard pond is a positive impact on the environment. Conserving water helps homeowners’ wallets, but it also supports our dear Mother Earth. Homeowners use gallons of water each month to maintain their gardens, lawns, and houseplants. Once a backyard pond is filled, it refills itself with rainwater. This natural refilling conserves water and saves money on utility bills. While a pond may need an occasional topping-off (probably not here in Oregon), they usually rely on natural water sources to maintain their ecosystem.

Additionally, backyard ponds provide moisture to surrounding plants and animals. The pond can provide ea self-sustaining hydration cycle that keeps nearby plants alive without having to water them at all. Also, backyard ponds take up yard surface area. This means that there’s less area to mow and maintain, which also contributes to the environment by causing less pollution. Additionally, reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides impacts the environment positively. If the yard or plants are still in need of fertilizer, never fear. Pond sludge collected from the pond’s filter can be used to feed the garden.

Another significant (and fun) benefit of having a backyard pond is the positive effects on local wildlife. Many species have dwindled in suburban areas, but a pond can provide a sanctuary for the neighborhood animals. Birds, frogs, and dragonflies are common critters found near backyard ponds. The pond offers them a place to rest, eat, and sleep. Make sure to include native plants around the backyard pond as these will be the most suitable sources of food and cover for indigenous animals.

Educational Benefits

Finally, a backyard pond can be an educational experience for the whole family. Observing wildlife and natural changes over time can inspire children (and adults, too!) to care about their environment and to be involved. Consider including the kids in the planning process for the family’s new backyard pond. Children who help plan, build, and maintain a backyard pond will understand how an ecosystem works.

How Can We Help?

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