Retaining Walls: Benefits and Beauty

Posted on by Parker Concrete

Retaining Walls Benefits and Beauty

A retaining wall is a fantastic addition to your home if you find yourself on a slope or have areas of your property that need to be protected from landslides and other landscape problems. If you are interested in installing a retaining wall, there are several options you have. You can hire a professional concrete contractor to install the wall for you, or you can take the necessary steps to install the retaining wall yourself. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, including quality of work, expense, and time management. No matter which course of action you take, the benefits of a retaining wall are many.

Keeps Soil in Place

A retaining wall is designed as a protective structure, first and foremost, and therefore is mostly used to keep soil in place and prevent it from shifting towards or away from other buildings. Down slope movement is also prevented by a quality concrete retaining wall, and will keep your property under control.

Prevents Sink Holes

By preventing the shifting and moving of your soil, a retaining wall made from concrete can prevent sink holes from turning up on your property. Since they can cover large areas and use a lot of back soil in their construction, a retaining wall also eliminates standing piles of soil and gravel that may otherwise go unused. They can turn your property from an eyesore into a beautiful display.

Prevents Flooding

Areas with heavy rainfall are always at risk for flooding. A retaining wall can help you prevent your home from being flooded. It will give your property something solid to lean on so heavy rainfall has nothing to do.

Maintenance and Erosion Reduced

Over time, your soil and slopes will erode and be washed away by rain and other runoffs. With a quality concrete retaining wall, you won’t have to worry as much about erosion and its effect on your property. With a retaining wall there to keep soil in place, you will have fewer maintenance concerns as well. This proves a retaining wall is a good investment.

Damage Concerns Erased

A good, solid retaining wall keeps your possessions safe and free from harm. Natural disasters have a way of damaging your property and your home, but with a retaining wall, you can fight against those tragedies. Install a retaining wall today and you will have far fewer concerns with regard to your home and land.