Improving a Yard with Concrete

Posted on by Parker Concrete


Adding appeal to the landscaping of your home by using concrete may seem limited to driveways and walkways, however there are so many ways a concrete contractor in Portland can add ambiance to a yard.

A Concrete Contractor Can Add a Patio

Laying a patio is the start for great potential. The shape, color, and style options are great ways to make a concrete patio space unique. From there it is all about adding your own small touches. For example, adding a trestle for a vining plant gives the space a Greco-Roman feel. Put out a set of patio furniture and watch it become a favorite decompression space for after work and weekends.

Fire Pits

Even the summers in the Portland area tend to have a chill to them once the sun goes down. A fire pit is a superb gathering space for sharing drinks with friends. Or, give the family a break from the dining room and enjoy a campfire-like appeal in your own back yard.

“Stone” Walls

Gardens can be kept safe from pets and children as well as given a decorative appeal by shaping a concrete retaining wall around them. Concrete can also be shaped into raised beds or steps to add character to gardening space.

These easy additions to your yard can help transform it from an area that does not get much use, to a favorite extension of your home. Working with a concrete contractor in Portland, you may find many ways to add flare to your yard.