Excavating Equipment Types

Posted on by Parker Concrete

yellow excavator

As time has gone by, the equipment and materials used for excavation has evolved dramatically, from basic hand tools in the past to the heavy machinery that is used today. If you are planning an excavating job, or are thinking about planning one, it may be worth your interest to know what types of equipment will be used during your project. As tools have evolved, excavating projects have been able to be finished much faster and in a much more efficient manner, saving on costs and ensuring customers are satisfied with the work. You can either lease this equipment, or hire a professional excavating company to do the work for you. While hiring professionals is always a good idea, sometimes leasing can be beneficial as well. The following are the various types of equipment used in today’s larger excavating projects.


Most loaders are large pieces of machinery featuring big wheels and metal treads. A scoop or front-end container is also likely for them. A loader is what moves the mass quantities of dirt and other materials. It has a hydraulic arm to make scooping up the loads easier and can haul large amounts of weight all at once to clear areas quickly.

Logging Machinery

While you probably aren’t going to need an entire logging operation for your property, it may be beneficial to incorporate something to help you remove trees quickly. Something like a bulldozer or skidder will make moving trees out of the way all the easier for you. While they are not designed to uproot trees, they can get the trunks out of the way after the tree has been removed from the ground.

Pile Drivers and Hydraulic Hammers

If you need to get through thick layers of concrete in order to make space for whatever project you are completing, a pile driver or hydraulic hammer should be near the top of your materials list. These tools will bust through even the toughest concrete, breaking it up enough for you to haul it away and dispose of it properly.


Digging trenches and holes quickly is the job for backhoes. They can be used for digging trenches that need to house straight line power lines or sewer lines for your home. If you do use a backhoe in your work, be sure you do not dig down too deep, as you can cause damage or be fined for the trouble.