Driveways and Curb Appeal

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Driveways and Curb Appeal

The driveway is frequently overlooked when it comes to increasing the curb appeal of a home. However, a cracked, heavily stained, or absent driveway often sets up a negative tone in a home-buyer’s mind. When a driveway is in disrepair or, alternatively, has a unique and artistic design it is as important to the overall look of a property as the landscaping. Calling a Portland concrete contractor to give your drive and walkways a facelift can greatly improve the desirability of a home, especially as it appears from the curb.

Concrete Answers

Calling a Portland concrete contractor to review your home is step number one. If you have an existing driveway, the contractor can discuss the specific condition of your drive. If it is easier and less expensive to repair areas versus replace them, then this may be your best bet. If you have no drive, the contractor can discuss placement and size options best suited for your home.

Concrete Design

There are many options when it comes to enhancing the look of your home by improving the driveway and paths. Flatwork can be shaped, curved, and create circles—just to list a few possibilities. There are many ways of creating a unique design from the shape of a drive or pathway.

The color can also be used to create a checkerboard look or other artistic pattern. Walkways and paths laid throughout a yard have seemingly endless options. Concrete can be laid in patches with spaces between for rock or mosaic. Flat stones can be laid in the concrete, creating a stepping-stone look to the foot path. Even plants or grass can be alternated between squares of flatwork.

All of these possibilities will improve the charm and distinctiveness of your home. Whether you are selling or just improving the value for your own enjoyment, a new driveway and designed paths will make you smile every time you arrive home.