3 Tips to Maintain Concrete

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3 Tips to Maintain Concrete

Concrete is a popular material choice for home improvement, construction, landscaping, and dozens of projects in between. The durability of a well-mixed concrete solution by professional concrete contractors in Portland OR typically results in a low maintenance finished product. Despite its reputation for requiring little care, the following three practices may help you to maintain concrete so that it stays clean and well preserved.

1. Clean and Seal

While cleaning your surface is not a measure that must be done on a strict routine, it should be performed on occasion to keep the exterior surface looking clean, new, and fresh. Spraying down your driveway, patio, retaining walls, and other areas with a hose can keep surface debris and dirt from staining or deteriorating the hard surface. If you are unsure about how often to reseal your concrete, our professional concrete contractors can help you determine how and when to reseal.

2. Quickly Lift and Remove Stains

Due to the nature of concrete, some materials can penetrate the surface and create lasting stains. While a good sealant can prevent stains from absorbing into the pores of your driveway or patio, some materials should be lifted from the concrete as soon as possible to avoid permanence. If a stain does penetrate your sealant, try using a stain removal solution or pressure washer to get the spill out as quickly as possible. Immediately remove stains and spill such as:

  • Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Grease

 3. Avoid Harsh Deicing Chemicals

When the cold months of the year come, it is common to use deicing chemicals on walkways to prevent slipping. While keeping walking paths free and clear of ice is essential for safety, some chemicals can be especially harsh on concrete. The most abrasive chemicals, those which include ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulphates, can damage concrete surfaces. Less damaging, sodium chloride (rock salt) or calcium chloride won’t harm the surface, but may lead to corrosion of any surrounding metal. Using sand as a chemical alternative may be the safest option for preserving concrete.

For more tips and information about concrete maintenance, we invite you to contact our experienced team at Parker Concrete.