3 Reasons You May Need a Retaining Wall

Posted on by Parker Concrete

Retaining walls have become both popular and essential parts of today’s construction, landscaping, and design endeavors. While some builders and designers prefer the appearance a retaining wall gives over typical curbing, some structures require the use of a strong retaining wall to protect the landscape or building from experiencing natural movement, elevation, or weather conditions that exist in the area. As you work with concrete contractors in Portland to determine whether or not you need a retaining wall, the following three reasons may be a good place to start. 

1. Create Depth and Visual Interest

One of the many reasons for which you may decide to add a retaining wall is for the visual effect it can create in a landscape or building design. Low retaining walls are often used as planter beds for everything from small flower gardens to extravagant outdoor landscape designs. Adding this appealing feature to your outdoor setting may be just what you need to give the space depth while adding something different to catch the eye.

2. Control Erosion

In some areas, the constant movement of the earth including earthquakes, shifting soil, the downward pull of gravity, and weather like rain or snow can create hazardous conditions for typical building structures. A concrete retaining wall may be the answer you have been searching for to protect your property and prevent unfavorable erosion.

3. Contain Soil

Finally, a retainer may be the solid structure you need in place to contain or block unwanted soil. Especially in hilled or sloped areas, retaining walls are essential in holding soil in place and preventing the collapse or burying of the landscape and surrounding property.  Soil retainers are used in projects from residential home building to large scale landscaping and road construction.

If you find yourself wondering if a retaining wall is the solution that could solve your problems, look no further than Parker Concrete. Our concrete contractors do great work in Beaverton OR, Portland OR, and the surrounding areas. We can offer you helpful advice about which kind of retaining wall might best fit your needs. Call today for more information.