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Street Curbing Contractor Portland
Curbs are everywhere, but when they’re installed correctly you won’t notice them unless you’re supposed to. This is especially true for street curbs. As a leading street curbing contractor in Portland we’re relied on by city, state, and local municipalities when precision, efficiency, and visibility matter most. When new curbs, curb repairs, or curb maintenance are a part of your construction project, get more from Parker Concrete.

Get more from your concrete curbing contractor.

We own, operate, and maintain our own equipment. A concrete contracting company that rents their equipment passes that cost onto you. Not only that, they may not be aware of the reliability or condition of the equipment beforehand. We keep detailed inspection and maintenance logs and regularly check equipment before each work day.

We have over 30 years of local experience. When it comes to concrete curbing, local matters. The city of Portland has extensive codes dictating when, where, and how streetside curb work must occur. We apply for the correct permits, construct at approved times, and build to city, state, and federal specifications.

We take measures other contractors don’t. In construction contracting we don’t often work alone. That makes workplace safety a major concern. Safety is critical when curbside construction occurs along active roads. We train in multi-crew work site safety. That means our workers will be watching out for themselves and every other crew on the site. This keeps your project safe and on schedule.

Your Start to Finish Curbside Contractor

We handle the project from beginning to end. When you choose us for curbside contracting you can expect:

  • Your choice of cast-in-place concrete or extruded curbing.
  • Street and parking lot site surveying and design.
  • Demolition/removal of existing concrete work if required.

  • Forms set to the correct elevations and properly oiled.
  • Perfectly tooled joints and edges.
  • Finished work that meets code and regulation requirements.

More than just a curbside contractor.

Street Curbing Company Portland
As a versatile concrete contractor we deliver the highest quality work at every level. A curb is just the beginning of the sidewalk, and these frequently must be worked on in-tandem. We supply Portland with the area’s best concrete flatwork. This can be further customized for cities and businesses that want to make a real impression. We specialize in decorative concrete applications. This includes etching, coloring, and stamped concrete work.

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