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Commercial Concrete Company Portland
Your commercial concrete needs cannot be met by just anyone. A company that focuses exclusively on the residential sector doesn’t know the intricacies that commercial projects can pose. These include site-related matters like the ability to work around other teams, as well as structural matters. Commercial needs bring a whole different set of rules, regulations, and codes that must be followed. They also frequently demand a product that can stand up to excessive daily use. As a third generation company, Parker Concrete has remained a trusted commercial concrete company in Portland for decades. Let us start your new construction project with a foundation designed to last.

Start your commercial construction project out right.

Your construction project begins with the foundation. This will need to support the weight of the building above it, and meet structural requirements for earthquake safety, weight limitations, and more. This stage is crucial. Whether we’re working on a future office building, industrial site, or multi-tenant facility, we exercise the same high degree of precision that can only come from more than 30 years in the business.

Our best practices save you money.

Commercial Concrete Companies Portland
It may seem counter-intuitive; how can commercial concrete services save you money? It all depends on who you choose. Our best practices are designed to cut costs to the consumer while increasing our efficiency and reliability. These measures keep our project schedules accurate, our quality of work high, and save you money.

We own and maintain our own machinery. Not all commercial concrete companies in Portland own and maintain their own equipment. We do because we can exercise a much greater degree of quality control. We know when servicing needs to be performed, inspect all of our equipment before work begins, and gain greater control because of it. The cost of maintaining these machines is significantly less than the cost to rent excavators, graders and more for every job. Other companies defray these expenses by up-charging their clients. We don’t rent, so we don’t have to.

We only hire veteran craftsmen. A concrete foundation is only as strong as the material used, and as precise as the skill of its builders. Any company can buy high-quality concrete today, but constructing a company made up of industry veterans takes time. We’ve built our team over generations. Every craftsperson we employ is at the height of their profession. We test their abilities and provide extensive additional training before they ever enter a job site. Don’t put your commercial project in the hands of an inexperienced crew. We never have, and we never will.

We train specifically for multi-crew work environments. Commercial sites often require a number of different teams and sub-contractors working at once. We believe that reducing the chances of injury isn’t just up to the foreman,it’s up to everyone on the site. That’s why our teams practice multi-crew safety. We don’t just watch out for ourselves, our team members are trained to watch out for the safety of other contractors as well. That reduces potential injury liability costs for every contractor on the job and helps your entire timeline move at an efficient pace.

Contact your local commercial concrete contractor today.

When you want the job done correctly, choose local, choose legacy, choose Parker. Your foundation is the start of something incredible. We build for reliability because we build for life. Call or contact us today to receive a quote on your commercial concrete construction project.

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