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April 3, 2018
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Excavating Contractors Have A Lot of Duties

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Beyond driving heavy machinery around, you might be wondering: What do excavating contractors actually do? It may surprise you to know that excavating contractors play an important role within the construction industry, with several responsibilities that go along with it.

In other words, they’re more than just the guys who lug dirt around. While hauling dirt is an important part of the job, excavating contracting also requires other jobs like site preparation, suitability testing for construction work, and making sure all work meets the requirements of health and safety regulations—and that’s just scratching the surface.

Excavation contractors from Parker Concrete can also be hired by homeowners if they’re planning a new construction or project for their home. Homeowners may want to build a brand new property and a nice new swimming pool to go with it, and for that they’d need an excavator.

While they may not have much say when it comes to the building of the property, they make the whole thing possible and provide a much needed service. If you want to know the ins and out of the role of an excavator to see if you need one for your projects, keep reading.

Excavating Contractors Move Dirt Around

To get more specific about what excavating contracting entails, the contractors move earth and rubble to make way for any construction that will be taking place. They’re typically involved in the construction of roads, sewers, ponds, trenches, ditches, buildings and swimming pools – to name a few.
Making way for construction is a very important job, because building on land without a solid foundation is unsafe. If any construction work is built on an unstable surface, the integrity of the entire building is compromised which makes the whole thing unsafe. Excavation also requires very precise measurements to be taken to ensure that it is done correctly. This requires a high level of expertise, otherwise the construction site will not be safe.

Swimming Pools

Excavating services can also be hired for any homeowners who want to build their own home with a luxurious pool to go with it. In order to build a pool, you first need a large hole in the ground to make space for it. This is where you would need to hire an excavating service like Excavating Contractor Portland to dig out any earth or concrete accurately and to make sure that it is done safely.

Gas and Water Lines

Excavators are often responsible for laying new gas or water lines too. Excavating services will dig out the necessary trenches to make way for these lines and installing flexible pipes underground.

Excavators Prepare A Construction Site

Once the construction project has been surveyed to determine the building and lot boundaries, the excavator contractor is called next to come onsite. The role of the excavating contractor is to get the site ready for building work by first making sure the area for construction is safe. The way they do this is by digging and removing the amount of soil to the depth required for the building work taking place.

Once the soil is dug out, they then check that the remaining soil is firm enough to build on. To ensure the ground is solid, they may use compaction tests and equipment to confirm the foundation of the soil.

They may also need to dig trenches to account for gas, water and electrical pipes too. The amount that needs to be dug out is a very precise process, so the excavator must be able to make sure they can meet these exact requirements. They achieve this through the use of tools such as lasers, levels, and tape measures to meet the requirements. When the excavator confirms the size and depth of the excavation, they back-fill around the newly built trenches and foundation.

Excavating Contractors Operate Heavy Machinery

To do their job effectively, excavators need the right equipment. The cost of excavation tools are invariably expensive due to their size and the material of the equipment, so excavation contractors will either lease or own excavation equipment to get the job done. Some of the equipment they use include bulldozers, road graders, trench excavators, dump trucks to remove excess dirt, compactors, and any other equipment with scoops or shovels to help them remove the dirt. They may even need to use air compressors and pumps to test the soil, should the job require it.

All contractors are required to go through rigorous training to ensure they use the operating equipment as safely as possible. Many may achieve their training on the job or with a college degrees.

Excavators Must First Check the Land

In some cases, construction work may be taking place on land believed to have historical artifacts buried beneath the soil. Should that be the case, an excavator would need to be on site to reveal any important items and make sure they are retrieved in the best condition they can.

Land may also be potentially dangerous to build on, and the excavator is the person to confirm if it is safe to go ahead and build on it. In this instance, you would likely need an experienced excavator to make sure the work is done as safely as possible.

The Business Aspect of Excavation Contracting

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As a contractor, the excavator is also a business owner, and is therefore responsible for taking care of their own business. While they may be working under the general contractors who pay them for the job, they must have their own book keeping and payroll system to pay their taxes.

This can be used to provide evidence that they are financially stable. Some excavators may choose to enrol in a business course to ensure they understand the depth of their responsibility. Excavating contractors are also responsible for getting their own license, which may require additional tests to prove their knowledge.

Whether you are a homeowner, a residential builder or large commercial contractor, we can get the job done for you. If you have any questions about excavation work, feel free to contact Excavating Contractor Portland today.